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Types of Hot Water Cylinder

What does a hot water cylinder is familiar to most of us but when it comes to the exclusive features of the device it is not the same. The understanding about the working and functioning methods of hot water cylinder can make the nitre process easier for the user. Needless to say, the working of the cylinder could look like difficult to comprehend but when one person come to know about the features it becomes lot more easily. Thus it is important to learn before you use so that the complete use is possible. Here are some brief descriptions about the various explicit features of hot water cylinders.

Among the different ways in our home to heat water the water heating equipment’s are the most commonly used one. Though we continuously use it for many years many of us are still not aware of the fact that there are different kinds of quality and cheap hot water cylinders which do function in different ways. So when one is supposed to learn about the different features of the heaters, the foremost things he or she has to do is to go through the classification of heaters and know the differences.


Thus mainly there are three types of hot water systems which are again broken into pieces for easier comprehension by many experts. However let us dig deeper into the three important classifications of heaters. The first one is the open vented heaters. Different parts of this system are used to heat the water where each of its parts has great importance. The different elements of this type of heaters are cylinder, cistern for the storage of cold water, special pipework which is commonly known as pipe- open vent and a source of heat which heats the water in the cylinder.

Now the open vented heaters are again differentiated into two types namely direct heating and indirect heating. The first one uses the immersion heater or the boiler to heat the water directly from the source of the heat. Whereas the latter heats the water though the central heating and heated water is in different positions. A coil is the major factor that plays here for the heating process. The heat exchanger seeks the help of radiators which are connected to the boiler. It is highly important to be noted about this type of indirect cylinders that the heating system- central have the water which is contaminated by the iron residues. So this is unusable for washing in most of the cases. Though the water warmer machineries are of different kinds the cylinder is the main part of the entire functions in all the types. This is because the heating of water is done in the cylinders.

The hot water cylinders are the machines used for heating the water for various purposes in homes and many other places. They are of different kinds namely open vented, unvented an instantaneous. Among these the open vented hot water cylinders are classified in to direct and indirect ones.

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